‘World’s First’ Magnetic Notebook Lets You Remove And Reattach Pages

‘World’s First’ Magnetic Notebook Lets You Remove And Reattach Pages0Shares

The Rekonect is the first-ever notebook to feature a magnetic spine and pages that lets you remove and return pages at will. 

It looks like this innovative and clever notebook design seeks to succeed and replace the common office binder.

With its removable and reattachable pages, the Rekonect Notebook will be great for perfectionists and lefties, as it allows you to write easily on any surface without the hassle of book bindings.

The key is its magnetic spine, which can double up as a magnetic pen holder. Each notebook has a high quality faux leather hard cover and a high grade elastic to hold the notebook closed.

Each notebook consists of 120 or 60 pages and additional packets come with 240 or 120 sheets of your chosen type of paper.

Watch the video below or visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information.