When It Starts To Rain, These Streets Come Alive With Amazing Art

When It Starts To Rain, These Streets Come Alive With Amazing Art0Shares

Usually when it rains and it's a gloomy day, it's the perfect excuse to stay at home hidden under the covers with Netflix for company.

But over in South Korea, it's those rainy days that you'll specifically want to be outside for.

That's all thanks to new project in Seoul aptly titled 'Project Monsoon'.

A creative collaboration between local street artists and Pantone, whereby the paint brand supplies them with hydrochromatic paint (which says invisible to the naked eye until wet) and the artists work their magic on the city streets.

The artists explains the project and what inspired them:

"We were inspired by South Korea’s culture of emphasizing the importance of the flow of rivers, the paintings utilize Korea’s topographical features that create a flow and puddle of rain water in every street to fill the streets with color and life" 

Seoul itself endures a lengthy monsoon season each year. It's not unusual for the heavens open for weeks at time and where going anywhere requires an umbrella and waterproof shoes.

Thankfully those rainy days are made all the more brighter and interesting thanks to 'Project Monsoon' where mother nature and art collide.

The project will take place during this year’s monsoon season - we can't wait to see how it turns out.