These Happy Dogs Can’t Stop Smiling

These Happy Dogs Can’t Stop Smiling2.1kShares

Dogs are adorable but when they smile they are even more adorable. Dogs are some of the happiest creatures are on the planet, and they teach us a lot about positivity and living in the moment. Simply being in the presence of a dog is enough to make most people smile, so when your dog smiles back it’s just the greatest feeling ever.

1. Kisses & Smiles

2. This Guy LOVES Birthdays

3. Biggest Smile EVER

4. Smiles For Days… Just Look At That Grin!!!

5. Cheese!

6. Grinning For The Camera

7. “A Dog At The Shelter I Work At Is Teaching Me How To Smile.”

8. Snuggling And Smiling

9. Hello Cutie Pie!

10. Smiles For Belly Scratches

11. Puppy Smiles Are The Sweetest

12. Silly Smiles

13. The Best Woofing Birthday Ever

What a good dog waiting for her picture to be taken before digging in!

14. Never Seen Someone Happier To Have Their Chest Shaved

But it feels so good… better than a belly rub!

15. Perfection <3

16. Happy Pup

17. Treats Make This Dog Smile

18. Brooklyn’s Got The Best Smile In The Whole Doggone Park

19. She is a cutie, isn't she?