There's Been A Secret Hidden Cards Against Humanity Card This Whole Time

There's Been A Secret Hidden Cards Against Humanity Card This Whole Time7Shares

What I initially assumed was a rude Internet troll campaign designed to destroy my Cards Against Humanity box turned out to be an astonishing truth confirmed by creators of the game; there is, in fact, a hidden extra card underneath the paper lining of the game’s lid.

Whaaaaat? Worst of all, apparently it's old news.

I KNOW, RIGHT? Don't worry, I feel as though I was the last to know about this as well.

However, don’t whip out your razor blades just yet! The card is included only in the “Bigger, Blacker Box” edition of the game, meaning that only those fortunate gamers will have the opportunity to grab their proverbial pitchforks when the card proves to be even more offensive than any already included in the game (hard to imagine, I know.)

Curious to know what the card is? Is the anticipation KILLING YOU? Because, spoiler alert:

Wait...the secret card says whaaaaaat?? Don't make me say it out loud.

Oh, ok. For scientific purposes, I pulled out a handful of cards from my Cards Against Humanity deck, and wouldn't you know it? THEY ALL WORKED.

They all worked HILARIOUSLY.


If nothing else, the game proves that the biggest, blackest dick might actually be the answer to everything.