People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think She’s ‘Sexy’

People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think She’s ‘Sexy’0Shares

Meet Actroid F, she’s a robot – or is she?

One viewer wrote: “I wish they had these before I married my ex-wife.” Brutal. And another added: “Is it weird if I think she’s cute?” Yeah, a bit mate.

On the other hand, some people said they were uncomfortable and fearful, as they couldn’t tell whether she was a real woman or not.

Researcher Dr David Silvera-Tawil from New South Wales University undertook an experiment to see if Actroid F could be told apart from a real human – to test whether the robotics industry would be better off creating less life-like machines, so as to not scare people.

The first experiment saw Actroid F sitting next to a human, both wearing the same clothes, and participants had five seconds to identity which was the robot.

– and according to Dr Silvera-Tawil about half the participants said they couldn’t confirm which one was the robot.

The experiment found that coming into contact with life-like humanoid robots made people anxious, nervous and even fearful.

Now the next step is to see whether there’s a way to reduce fear and anxiety in human beings, by getting them used to interacting with human-like robots.

Robot apocalypse here we come! 

Just make them all look like the Terminator and be done with it.