Meet Komari, The Kitten Who Thinks She's A Ferret

Meet Komari, The Kitten Who Thinks She's A Ferret29Shares

Have you ever been an outsider or had a feeling that you didn’t belong? Well, imagine how Komari the kitten felt when she was adopted by a family with five pet ferrets. But the ferrets did something amazing and took in the rescue cat as their own. We could all learn a thing or two about acceptance from this adorable blended family.

Meet Komari

This adorable little kitten was abandoned at only five months old, but luckily she was rescued by a wonderful loving family. The twist...

The family also had five pet ferrets!

You may be wondering how the ferrets got along with the newest house guest. Well, the ferrets took such a liking to the kitten that they took her in as their own, and now the tiny kitty thinks she's a ferret!