Dog Alphabet Made From The First Letters Of Their Breeds

Dog Alphabet Made From The First Letters Of Their Breeds0Shares

Andrei Clompos  is an artist, who combined letters with dog breeds. He was inspired from his college project called "The study of the typographic element in the virtual world."

One day, he was playing with his dog's portrait and trying to do different approaches, techniques, even screen printing posters on fine paper. Then, suddenly he decides to make another version of his old project, but instead of objects he uses pictures with dog breeds.

A is for Akita

B is for Beagle

C is for Chihuahua

D is for Dalmatian

E is for English Bulldog

F is for French Bulldog

G is for Golden Retriever

H is for Husky

I is for Irish Setter

J is for Jack Russell Terrier

K is for Komondor

L is for Labrador Retriever

M is for Malinois (Belgian Shepherd Dog)

N is for Neapolitan Mastiff

O is for Old English Sheepdog

P is for Pug

Q is for Queensland Heelers

R is for Rottweiler

S is for Saint Bernard

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

U is for Utonagan

V is for Vizsla

W is for Weimaraner

X is for Xoloitzcuintle

Y is for Yorkshire

Z is for Zuchon