A Man Taped Money To His Suit & Walked With A "Take What You Need" Sign

A Man Taped Money To His Suit & Walked With A "Take What You Need" Sign81Shares

One YouTube star's latest social experiment takes a demoralising look at how greedy people with comfortable lives can be - and juxtaposes that with the generosity of those who are really in need.

Don't judge a book by its cover and with this social experiment by Coby Persin, we should really not judge people by the clothes they wear or where they're from. Coby Persin walked the streets of New York with a literal money suit on while holding a sign that said "Take what you need".

Unfortunately, the response isn't what most people would hope it would be, with seemingly wealthy men and women stopping to greedily take cash - while a homeless man insists he wants just $2 for lunch.

Coby begins walking around the streets surrounding Union Square in Manhattan wearing a suit covered in money. The young man has over $50 in $1 bills taped on the front and back of his jacket.

Most New Yorkers walk right by him, used to seeing strange sites and ignoring them. Many roll their eyes at the spectacle or avert their gaze altogether.

But soon, a large man in a black suit stops in front of Coby and puts down his briefcase. Without a word, he starts plucking dollar bills off Coby's suit, one by one.

'You really need this money? It doesn't look like you need this,' Coby tells him, to which the man - who grabs $10 to $11, callously replies: 'I don't need it, but it's free. Who wouldn't take it?

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