7 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Cows

7 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Cows0Shares

Have you ever seen a cow put her problem solving skills to the test? Or heard of cows who like jazz? No? Then prepare to be amazed! Behind the doe-eyed gaze of these unique individuals lies a hidden depth that might surprise you.

1. They're individuals.

No two cows are alike — some are bold, some timid, some curious, some affectionate. Research has shown that from a young age, calves each react very differently to stimuli in their surroundings — reflecting their individual likes, dislikes and personality.

2. They're smart.

Cows can solve puzzles. What's more, they enjoy it! When they work out the solution to a problem, one study found that young heifers would get excited, some even jumping into the air — seemingly in celebration of their Eureka moment. Researchers are finding that cattle are far more intelligent than people give them credit for – and may actually possess heightened brain function and decision-making abilities.

3. They have best friends.

In fact, they're quite the socialites. They seek out and nurture relationships with other individuals in the herd — often forming cooperative grooming partnerships. When separated from their best buddy, they become stressed.

4. They have leaders.

What do cows look for in a leader? Much the same things as us. Studies have suggested that intelligence, inquisitiveness, confidence, experience and good social skills all help to determine who will become the leader within a herd.

5. They are loving and protective mums.

Like humans, a mother cow and her calf share a strong and special bond — one that can form within minutes of birth. When mother cows and their calves are left to live a natural life, the calf will suckle from his mother for several months, even up to a year. Research has shown that adult cows remain deeply affected by the emotional pain of being separated as calves from their mothers, which is standard practice in the dairy industry.

6. Their kids are kind of like ours.

In all the best ways, calves are a lot like kids! They’re cheeky, and super playful. When they want to play, they will signal to each other with their tails and a special call — so that it's clear they mean no harm when mimicking the behaviour of adult cattle.

7. They enjoy music.

Researchers now believe that music with a slow tempo reduces cows' stress levels. It seems that jazz isn't off the playlist just yet either though ...