50 GIFs Absolutely Sums Up Your Daily Life

50 GIFs Absolutely Sums Up Your Daily Life0Shares

1. When someone asks, “Are you going to eat that”

2. When you use an insult you saw on the Internet, and people look at you like you’re a genius

3. When the vending machine gives you two items instead of one

4. What did you do this weekend?

5. When you find your phone after searching forever

6. When you feel a bug on you.

7. When you have to sneeze, but it won’t come out.

8. When you woke up before your parents in the morning.

9. When you told your mom you were bored, and she said, “You can do your homework”.

10. When you change from jeans into pajama pants.

11. Opening the fridge for the first time after going to the grocery store.

12. When a solictor says, “Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time”.

13. When someone says, “They are just fictional characters”.

14. When someone sees your Internet search history.

15. When your food comes out at a restaurant, and your friend’s order looks better than yours.

16. When someone mispronounces the same word over and over.

17. When you hit your pinky toe in the doorway.

18. When you say a joke that you think will be hilarious, but then you say it and it sounds stupid.

19. Every time you go in for a high five.

20. When you’re at the beach and seaweed grazes your leg.

21. When you’re singing and someone tries to join in.

22. When you say, “Hey” to someone on Facebook chat, but then they don’t respond.

23. Getting ready on a Monday morning.

24. When someone tries to argue with you about a topic you know more about.

25. When two people start fighting in front of you so you casually try to leave room.

26. When you try to break off a square of chocolate.

27. When you’re out to dinner and you can’t finish all the food on your plate.

28. When you’re asked to hold a baby.

29. When your food is unexpectedly spicy.

30. When a car doesn’t want to let you into its lane, but you sneak in anyway

31. When someone asks you if you’re hungry.

32. When you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

33. When you try to go shopping.

34. When someone says, “You look nice today”.

35. When a person talks so much you can’t get a word in edgewise.


36. When someone’s entire Instagram is selfies.

37. When you see someone cute with horrible fashion sense.

38. Your face when you type, “LOL”.

39. When a friend playfully throws something at the back of your head.

40. When people joke about things you actually really hate about yourself.

41. When someone asks you to do something right after you wake up.

42. When a teacher wishes good luck to the students before an exam.

43. When your significant other says he/she is coming over.

44. When you try to get out of bed in the morning.

45. When you finally get that food you’ve been craving.

46. When you accidentally say something embarrassing.

47. And then later your friends won’t stop teasing you about it.

48. When someone steals your joke and tells it to someone in front of you.

49. When you drop the food you just prepared.

50. When you change your profile picture and are waiting for people to like it.

…But then no one does: