40 “Friends” Moments That Are Still Hilarious

40 “Friends” Moments That Are Still Hilarious0Shares

1. When Ross, against better judgment, made a work call in front of Chandler.

2. When Joey got a man bag:

3. When Brad Pitt stopped by and Phoebe spoke on behalf of everyone’s thirst.

4. Including Chandler’s.

5. And when Rachel got a hairless cat.

6. When Phoebe brought home Ms. Pac-Man.

7. And when Ross was just trying to stay motivated.

8. The flashback prom video.

9. When Ross didn’t know how to count to “Mississippi.”

10. It was bad.

11. When Joey tried to give Rachel love advice.

12. And the other time Joey was into moos.

13. When Monica thought Chandler liked shark porn.

14. When Rachel gave away all the Halloween candy.

15. When Ross had to go to the doctor.

16. Joey’s anatomy lesson.

17. This perfect reply to anything.

18. The horrors of unrequited love.

19. That time Joey was allowed into the paleontology conference.

20. The infamous trifle incident.a

21. Actually, every Joey and Ross interaction.

22. When Phoebe eventually saved Jason Alexander.

23. Monica’s motto.

24. And Monica’s brutal clapback.

25. When Ross started dating again after Emma was born.

26. And when Phoebe got the shock of her life.

27. Phoebe’s and Mike’s metaphors.

28. Classic Joey and Chandler.

29. That time Chandler was an advertising intern.

30. When Phoebe dated Parker, the most enthusiastic man in the world.

31. What did you just say?

33. That time Ross and Monica's father had that brilliant business idea! 

34. When they found out Joey was in a porn movie.

35. Joey being Joey...

36. And again...

37. And again...

38. When Ross was "threatening" Chandler...

39. They were on a break.

40. And, of course, PIVOT.