25 Things You’ll Understand If You Went To A Crap British School

25 Things You’ll Understand If You Went To A Crap British School44Shares

1. Your main building was probably built in the 1960s, and was a total shithole.

2. And you definitely had a number of appalling “temporary” classrooms that should have been demolished years ago.

3. All of your classrooms had this exact carpet.

4. All of the corridors were completely soulless.

5. And the time between lessons always involved corridor bundles.

6. Your PE changing rooms were extremely grimy.

7. It wasn’t unheard of to share a textbook between three people.

8. And all of your textbooks had years worth of graffiti in them.

9. Instead of buying multiple copies, your teacher would photocopy all your revision homework from the school’s single copy.

10. Your PE equipment looked like this.

11. And your football goals definitely didn’t have any nets.

12. All your school trips were probably really shit.

13. You had an intense rivalry with the nearest private school.

14. Some extremely specific things were banned because a weird playground black market had developed.

15. And you always had assemblies about the new menace that was taking the school by storm.

16. Your school lunches came in white paper bags and involved a load of these.

17. At least one science class got banned from using bunsen burners because someone took it too far and set fire to a pen/their tie/a book.

18. You never wore your uniform properly.

19. And when you wore a tie, you were used to getting peanutted.

20. All the radiators were always too hot or not on at all.

21. There was at least one window that got smashed by a football.

22. There was definitely a tree on the field that people smoked behind.

23. And your walls were always being graffitied.

24. Seagulls came out every lunchtime to attack you

25. But even though it was completely crap, it definitely made you who you are today.