25 Everyday Struggles Only Cashiers Will Understand

25 Everyday Struggles Only Cashiers Will Understand0Shares

1. Customers who come in at 8:58 p.m:

2. The question you hear all day, every day:

3. Handling this:

4. The saddest thing in the world:

5. Having to fake chuckle at this:

6. The struggle:

7. Customers who overshare:

8. This classic:

9. Your brain is now ruined forever:

10. Wannabe comedians:

11. You know, the reallly funny ones:

12. The best moment of your day:

13. Knowing your boss doesn’t give a crap, either:

14. This:

15. Mastering the “I care” face:

16. Math:

17. The threats:

18. Getting your just deserts:

19. And when your manager goes all in:

20. This:

21. People who don’t listen:

22. Ugh:

23. People who try to get extra money off:

24. All right then:

25. And the best thing that could ever happen: