24 Teachers Who Are Feeling Absolutely Savage Today

24 Teachers Who Are Feeling Absolutely Savage Today0Shares

1. Noon on Friday means 11:59 on Friday. 

2. This teacher supplementing their income.

3. This monster.

4. This teacher and his spare 'pen'...

5. Ouch. 

6. This educator who puts any attempts at in-class selfies on the whiteboard.

7. Just tying a sleeping student's shoes together.

8. The pain. 

9. This professor who was told he was "never in his office" and responded appropriately.

10. This teacher who caught a student in the act of tweeting. 

11. The genius who is grading these...

12. This teacher using a student's tweet in the classroom.

13. Poor Jerry and Robby. 

14. This professor who shames students before every class. 

15. This professor who told one of his students their grade on Tinder.

16. This is one way to get kids into a 7 am class...

17. Ouch.

18. The professor that owns this quiz shaming wall.

19. This pissed-off biology professor. 

20. This guy who dines on his students' tears. 

21. This professor who trolled his students with a fake answer book.