23 Things All Work BFFs Know To Be True

23 Things All Work BFFs Know To Be True12Shares

1. Your work BFF is the only person whose weekend you actually care about on a Monday morning.

2. And your lunchtimes are never lonely because you’ll always have a lunch buddy to accompany you.

3. You get irritated by the same people.

4. You’re the first people to tell each other when you’ve done a good job.

5. And you trust each other enough to say if an idea is shit.

6. Your conversations are the only place you feel safe enough to talk ridiculous work crushes with.

7. And all the scandalous gossip you’ve heard over the week is reserved for your tea breaks.

8. Because you delight in the look on each other’s faces when you’ve got something exceptionally juicy to tell.

Any secrets you hear around the office are automatically the property of your work BFF unless told otherwise.

9. You love sitting next to each other in meetings because you live for the sneaky looks and side comments.

10. And your brains are so in sync that you rarely have to ask, “Did you just see that?” because you always have.

You can tell what the other is thinking with just a look over your computers.

11. Your attendance at work events is largely dependent on the attendance of your work BFF.

Not that you couldn’t go without them, it’s just way more fun.

12. You can vent freely to each other and it’s totally fine because you can both relate.

13. And if you’re scared to ask a question, your work buddy is the one you usually ask because you know they won’t judge.

Or they’re as confused as you are.

14. You rely on each other as a second source for things you may need, like chargers, deodorant, and any other random items.

15. You’re simultaneously jealous and happy for each other when either of you gets a day off.

16. But you take it as a personal offence when one of you isn’t in and doesn’t tell the other.

17. Because when your work BFF is absent for a day, it truly feels like an eternity.

18. You spend a large portion of your day chatting via email or Gchat.

19. And you frequently find a reason to visit each other at your desks with the excuse that you’re “just giving them something”.

20. When you’re having a hard time, there’s always someone who’s got your back and is willing to help you snap out of it.

21. You’re regularly thankful for the fact you met each other at work because it’s unlikely you would have met otherwise.

22. You constantly live in fear of being separated because, frankly, you’re terrible influences on each other.

23. But you know that work is so much better with someone to share your craziness with.