22 Reasons You Suck For Not Texting Back

22 Reasons You Suck For Not Texting Back0Shares

You're SO busy. You couldn't text back because your phone was dying and you needed to save enough battery life to right swipe. Your phone was plugged in on the table that was a good 5 feet away from you. Life is hard! Here are some reasons you should feel bad about not texting back. 

1. Sloths are getting educated 

2. McDonald's is more popular than you are, but they stay on top of their social media game

3. People are accomplishing things from prison

4. From PRISON

5. Some people take time to stage perfect Instagram photos

6. Communication has never been easier

7. People without certain limbs can rock climb

8. This kid is slaying life with two broken legs 

9. Professional athletes still play a game during emotional crises

10. The Notebook love story could have happened in real life

11. Tupac's career continued from the grave

12. This old guy does gymnastics 

13. These two different species are cooperating and learning skills

14. People are defying the laws of physics

15. Someone who is four times your age can run 100 meters

16. The Pope might have a music career

17. Middle schoolers from a Nickelodeon show are emotionally adjusted 

18. People are making groundbreaking discoveries that reveal the mysteries of the universe

19. Little children are being fearless

20. Nothing will stop this guy from getting hotdogs 

21. Even this dog makes an effort

22. People's grandpas are still getting laid