21 People Who Got Doomed By Friday The 13th

21 People Who Got Doomed By Friday The 13th1Shares

It was Friday the 13th people and you know what that means! The individuals below have experienced an exceptional amount of bad luck that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

1. Wearing a load to class isn't the best idea. 

2. This criminal should be behind bars. 

3. We're more concerned he had time to take a photo... 

4. Enjoy some food? Not today. 

5. "Yes, 911, I went swimming and brought my car with me."

6. Except for today.

7. Wait, since when are snakes able to leap?

8. This picture was hung to remind those who aren't.

9. Dammit, the one time we're productive. 

10. We can't decide if this selfie is ruined or perfect. 

11. Millennials, PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN.

12. On the bright side, he's still making it to class on time.

13. This guy will be impressed when wheelchairs can go up stairs. 

14. If you lose in a fight with your furniture, you deserve to be ashamed. 

15. Going somewhere important? Not anymore. 

16. This person has no fam.

17. Congrats on your new baby, don't break it. 

18. Something tells us Mom and Dad won't be ordering more.

19. Life loves to kick you when you're down.

20. Looks like he wasn't expecting that...

21. Oooppss...