20 Wedding Photos Nobody Will Ever Be Able To Explain

20 Wedding Photos Nobody Will Ever Be Able To Explain0Shares

A lot of people never get to find their soulmate, their one true love, the object of their desires. I can barely handle hanging out with myself for elongated periods of time, let alone another person.

Others are more fortunate. Like the folks below, who somehow...somehow, managed to find the absolute perfect person for them. Despite all the odds in the world, they did it.

It's inspiring, really. 

1. Are there even any guests at this wedding?

2. Seems safe. And humane.

3. I want to know but also maybe it's best I don't.

4. Fingers crossed this was intentional.

5. Well at least y'all tried.

6. You too.

7. What's the message here? I don't know, but I LIKE IT.

8. When your husband-to-be is ugly AF.

9. Limos are overrated, anyway.

10. Guys? Who just threw a boot at the bride's head?

11. Haha wouldn't it be funny if, like, our wedding picture has me FORCING you to marry me while you hold a bottle of wine? 

12. Or better yet, what if we had me EATING you like the helpless little man you are?

13. Hey guys I brought the ringbear. That's what you asked for, right? RIGHT?

14. Nothing like the joy of a bride on the most important day of her life.

15. Your brother has been one-upping you your entire life, you really thought he was going to stop now?

16. Dude this is what happens when you marry a porn star.

17. I'd pay $100 to hear the story of how these two fell in love.

18. Red flag. RED FLAG.

19. Can you at least pretend to be a little excited?

20. I'm concerned for you guys, but I'm no professional photographer so what do I know?