20 Impressive Ideas For Your Christmas Manicure

20 Impressive Ideas For Your Christmas Manicure24Shares

As the cold weather sets in, we all naturally seek comfort in all things cosy and warm — and for plenty of women out there, that means the search for a new, bright and unusual manicure is on.

It’s always great when they can find one that not only lifts their spirits but also emphasises their individuality, and adds some variety to their everyday life as well.

Oversauce picked out twenty totally awesome manicure ideas for you, which will make you stand out from the crowd this winter.

1. A cosy Scandinavian design

2. Enticing gray shades

3. "Knitted" nails

4. A gorgeous snowflake manicure

5. A 3D-design in cold colours

6. A winter French tip

7. Mirror nails

8. The candy cane manicure

9. Soft glitter

10. The perfect Christmas party manicure

11. Another sparkling and gorgeous design

12. The Christmas tree manicure

13. A seriously creative design

14. A really fun idea

15. With a little snow man

16. Cute reindeers

17. A bright ’mistletoe’ manicure

18. The Christmas lights manicure

19. Really fancy Christmas nails

20. Santa Claus style