20 Bosses Who Has Given Up On His Employees And DGAF Anymore

20 Bosses Who Has Given Up On His Employees And DGAF Anymore0Shares

Bosses are supposed to be leaders and motivators. They're supposed to be the epitome of professionalism. But at the end of the day, they're just humans who, like the rest of us, fucking hate their jobs sometimes.

1. The boss who posted this ad.

2. The boss who sits at this desk.

3. This boss who rules with an iron fist.

4. This boss who tells it like it is.

5. This boss who's had it with freezer burn.

6. This boss who wasn't ready for a fight.

7. This boss who's ready to bounce.

8. This boss who thinks you're rebel scum.

9. This boss who isn't afraid to mix porn and work.

10. The boss who "arranged" this meeting.

11. This boss who's definitely trying to give you nightmares.

12. This boss who knows a forgery when he sees it.

13. This boss who's definitely NOT reading your TPS report.

14. This boss who'll do anything to leave by 5.

15. This boss who can't seem to shake her headache.

16. This boss who's tired of your snot.

17. This boss who takes your complaint very seriously.

18. This boss who definitely didn't forget your birthday.

19. This boss who no longer fears the consequences. 

20. The boss who assigned you this job.