18 Benefits Of Being A Woman With Small Boobs

18 Benefits Of Being A Woman With Small Boobs1Shares

From feeling more pleasure in bed to attracting better men, science says says your small chest rocks!

1. Running doesn't require architectural support.

2. You'll never experience sagging.

3. You don't have to think twice about lying on your stomach. 

4. No boob weight= a few pounds you aren't carrying around. So you can eat that doughnut, probably

5. Your boobs never "fall out" of clothes... And it's pretty unclear to you how that ever happens.

6. Breast self-exams take no time at all. 

7. T-shirts don't look weird on you. You never knew that "uni-boob" was a thing. 

8. You've never looked unintentionally slutty.  

9. Turbulence on airplanes isn't awkward. 

10. Nothing has ever gotten caught in your cleavage. 

11. Your sweat stains are confined to your armpits.

12. If you're in a rush to get dressed, you could skip the bra. You don't need the support anyway. 

13. Your boobs have never gotten in the way of any physical activity. 

14. If you happen to point a gun at people, you can guarantee they won't be distracted by something else....

15. Family vacations to Florida don't look like a Girls Gone Wild video. 

16. You'll never know the sensation of your boob falling into your armpit.

17. Everyone makes eye contact with you when you talk... There's no where else to look. 

 18. You feel more pleasure in bed.

Small boobs have a big advantage in bed – research by the University of Vienna found that small boobs are 24 per cent more sensitive than large ones, and are therefore easier to stimulate during foreplay.