17 Dogs Who Just Can’t Wait For The Baby To Be Born

17 Dogs Who Just Can’t Wait For The Baby To Be Born0Shares

All dogs understand the importance of true loyalty, as well as love and affection for children. That’s why they often become the closest friend a kid will ever know. Interestingly enough, you can sometimes already get a foretaste of this when a baby is still growing inside its mom — a dog will wait expectantly for the infant to appear and do its best to defend it in the meantime.

Here are a few of the best examples. They’re all so sweet!

1. "I think I can hear his heart beating!"

2. "Please be a girl, please be a girl..."

3. "Hey! I’m waiting for you out here!"

4. "Can I sleep with him once he is born?"

5. "You will let me play with him, won’t you?"

6. "It seems like he’s hungry. Me too, actually..."

7. "I can already feel that baby smell!"

8. "Maybe he’ll be here sooner if I do this..."

9. "You sure you didn’t eat a watermelon, right?"

10. "I hope he learns to give me food under the table..."

11. "So, everything seems to be in order, he should be with us in a few weeks."

12. "I’ll sleep by you all the time."

13. "Just one more month and that’s it..."

14. "You talkin' to me?"

15. "As soon as he appears we’re going to run around on the streets together."

16. "If it’s a boy, I’ll call him Woof, if it’s a girl, then Woof-woof!"

17. "I can't hear you! Speak louder, you cute little soon-to-be born baby!"