16 Of The Most Perfect Things That Have Ever Happened

16 Of The Most Perfect Things That Have Ever Happened37Shares

There's nothing better than life's simple pleasures. I'm not talking about a nice cool glass of lemonade or anything like that, I'm talking about when things align so perfectly that everything in the world is harmonious for at least one second. Like when a candy bar fits perfectly in a slot in your car's console. That feels good.

These are the 16 most oddly satisfying things that have ever happened. Enjoy:

1. This perfect Snickers holder

2. This rare occurrance at the pump

3. This Slurpee

4. This expert t-shirt folding

5. This grocery store aisle minutes before the store opened

6. The most satisfying event of life

7. This snake

8. This tip guideline

9. These brownie packages

10. These perfectly fluffy pancakes

11. These tater tots

12. This gum display

13. These perfectly-placed shoes

14. These expertly stacked chairs

15. This bill

16. These boxes of cereal