15 True Facts When You Are A Pup Parent In Your 30s

15 True Facts When You Are A Pup Parent In Your 30s218Shares

Everyone who is actually in their 30s knows that life is very completely different than your 20s. Especially if you're not married yet while almost all of your friends already have a baby.

We are going to show you that life is also good even if you don't have a baby or family yet in your 30s because you have your best friend aka PUP in your life.

So don't worry too much, your PUP got your back! :)

1. All of your friends are posting pictures of their babies. Meanwhile, your Instagram feed looks like this

2. You used to wake up to vomit on the floor from your roommate. You still do, but now your roommate is a dog.

3. Dates have to pass the dog test.

4. You have the kinds of kitschy signs around your house that would have made you roll your eyes when you were 20.

5. You used to eat ramen noodles because you were a broke college student. Now you eat ramen because all of your money goes to gourmet dog food.

6. Lunch break? Oh, you mean just enough time to run home and let the dog out?

7. You still have to get up at 6 a.m., even on the weekends, because you don’t dare disrupt the dog’s eating schedule.

8. You never have to worry about peeing alone again.

9. There are more dog birthday parties on your calendar than human birthday parties.

10. Your dog wears fancier clothing than you do.

11. Saturday nights are no longer for drinking, but for staying in to hang out with your dog.

12. You never imagined that a topic of conversation with your friends would be the color and consistency of dog poop.

13. Not a chance of a spontaneous weekend away. You have to check with the dog sitter first.

14. You used to run to stay in shape. Now you run because your dog goes crazy if he doesn’t get exercise.

15. You wouldn’t share your drink with a friend, but your dog can eat off of your fork.