15 Things You Didn't Know About Lions

15 Things You Didn't Know About Lions0Shares

1. In the wild, lions will live for anything between 12 and 16 years. In captivity, they can survive for as long as 25 years [Getty Images]

2. As lions have few sweat glands, they conserve energy during the day by resting for anything up to 20 hours.

3. The roaring lion featured in the MGM Studios trailer was called Jackie.

4. A male lion who takes over a new pride of females will kill off any cubs the females have - i.e. any that don't belong to him.

5. Despite possessing impressive sets of teeth, lions don't chew their food, they simply swallow it whole.

6. Barbary lions were kept at the Tower of London until the 1830s, when they had to be removed out of concern for the safety of the public, and for the welfare of the lions themselves.

7. Barbary lions were used to fight gladiators in ancient Rome.

Barbary lions were part of medieval Tower of London zoo.

8. There's no need to wait for mating season, as lions breed all year round. it is estimated that they copulate 3,000 times for every cub that survives over one year.

9. A lion's eyes are six times more sensitive to light than a human's.

10. Lions are the second largest cats after tigers, with a typical male weighing more than 550lbs.

11. Of all the big cats, lions are the only species that display clear sexual dimorphism. You can easily tell the difference between males and females because of their manes.

12. Around 90% of hunting is done by females. Male lions prefer to stay close to home in order to protect their cubs.

13. On average, a lioness needs around 11lbs of meat a day, while a lion needs 15lbs.

14. A lion's roar can be heard as far as five miles away.

15. Lions were featured in the first known coat of arms. Given to Geoffrey of Anjou, father of King Henry II, when he was knighted in 1128, it depeicted lions rearing up and asserting their power.