15 Things You Can Do to Start Helping Our Planet Right Now

15 Things You Can Do to Start Helping Our Planet Right Now2.1kShares

In recent years, humanity has started realizing that we are going the wrong way. The natural resources of our planet are being depleted, and the oceans and atmosphere are getting dirtier and dirtier. So scientists are rushing to invent things that can heal Earth before we destroy it. Did you know that approximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash gets into the ocean every year?

Oversauce has created a list of 15 inventions that could make Earth a better place. From an eco food wrap to new ways of cleaning the oceans — everything can make a difference. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — this NASA news is worth it!

1. New ways to repurpose plastic bottles

Humanity became so concerned with the plastic waste problem that it started to reuse every bottle possible. The most unbelievable ideas include boats and even houses.

Instead of throwing away bottles that have only been used once, people recycle them into everything from flowerpots to toys and trash cans.

2. These seaweed bottles start decomposing when empty.

This idea belongs to Ari Jónsson, a student from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. He presented his project at the DesignMarch festival in 2016. Ari created a bottle made of water and powdered agar. It keeps its shape while filled with water and starts decomposing as soon as it empties.

If stored for a long time, the algae bottle can give its taste to the water inside, but it’s completely safe. You can even eat the container if you like it.

3. These sneakers are made from ocean trash.

Adidas teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to make the world better. The company has already created several sneakers and sportswear designs made from ocean plastic. They’re made in the blue and gray colors of the ocean and look as good as any other materials.