15 People Who Should Probably Win A Darwin Award

15 People Who Should Probably Win A Darwin Award10Shares

It's hard to believe humans have survived until the year 2016. Our finger seems to always be hovering above the self destruct button and somehow, we've never pressed it. That isn't to say the mentally stunted among us haven't tried. Humans are so good at aiding in our certain demise that there's a yearly award given out to the people who died in the most preventable ways possible. If you haven't already, google "Darwin Award." It's brilliant stuff.

Anyway, this article is dedicated to all those folks out there who survived their own certain death. It's not written as a commemoration or a warning to stop doing things like this. Nay, nay. We're severely overpopulated and we need a mass culling, folks. I'm sure we'll get it one day soon, but for now, let's laugh in the face of the shallow end of the human gene pool.

When grandma tries to be as chill as grandpa and a grandson dies.

This is going to make a really good advertisement for a gun safety course. And maybe a Darwin Award nomination.

On this day, Attila the Hun became a verb. "He tried to Attila the Hun himself."