14 Food Combinations That You Would Never Think It Would Be This Tasty

14 Food Combinations That You Would Never Think It Would Be This Tasty0Shares

1. Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar

“Vinegar on fruit!” you cry. “What codswallop!”

Codswallop? More like, codswall-this-is-deliciously-amazing.

2. Olive Oil and Ice Cream

Would you believe that a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt would make ice cream creamier? Well you should, because it’s true.

3. Chocolate Spread and Margarita Pizzaa

What’s not to love? Cheese – good. Pizza – good. Chocolate – gooooooooooood.

4. Coffee and Orange

Try a dash of OJ in your morning pick-me-up, and you will never look back.

5. Mango and Chilli Powder

Toss mango with chilli powder, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lime, and you’ll have yourself a taste of the exotic. Delish.

6. Sriracha and Watermelon

Trust us on this one. It’s good. Seriously good.

7. Whiskey and Pickle Juice

The pickleback, aka the piskey whickle, aka the bartender’s handshake, is a shot of whiskey chased by a shot of pickle juice. It’s one of those concoctions that sounds so wrong, yet is so, so right.

8. Dark Chocolate and Blue Cheese

Only people with a refined palate need apply. This combination is as classy as it gets.

9. Milkshake and French Fries

You’d be surprised how well cool and creamy marries with hot and salty. A match made in fast-food heaven.

10. Banana and Sweet Chilli Sauce


11. Peanut Butter and Gherkins

Slices of gherkin in your peanut butter sandwich – why the hell not?

12. Red Wine and Cola

Otherwise known as a “calimocho”, this mismatched “cocktail” is quite frankly a delightfully refreshing beverage. Just ask the Spanish.

13. Chicken and Blackberries

YUM. That’s all we have to say on this one.

14. Chocolate and Bacon

Popcorn isn’t the only sweet and salty combo that ticks all the right boxes.