15 Of The Best Windshield Notes Left For Terrible Drivers

15 Of The Best Windshield Notes Left For Terrible Drivers0Shares

Terrible drivers and parkers may make you want to key their cars or smash their sideview mirrors, but violence is not the answer. Windshield notes are the best way for drivers to communicate, especially when they want to avoid angry confrontations and property damage!

1. Please don't.

2. Some people really suck at parking, just make sure you let them know.

3. That'll teach him/her to park properly in Potato Clan neighborhood.

4. Just another way to deal with a bad parking.

5. CONGRATULATIONS! (Not really)

6. The perfect flyers for bad parking douchbaggery.

7. Hey, I just met you...(Unfortunately)

8. A parking poem.

9. Just take the bus.

10. Brain not found.

11. So we heard. ;)

12. For the love of Jesus Tapdancing Crist!

13. Who wants some FREE bread?

14. This is harsh but true.

15. And the best.