10 Most Embarrassing Baby Halloween costumes of all times

10 Most Embarrassing Baby Halloween costumes of all times0Shares

1. Chipotle Wrap Baby

Okay, we understand you might like Chipotle so much. But don't do this to your kid on his/her first halloween.

2.Baby Chick Costume

This is just embarrassing but if you want other kids to bully your kid; I'd say "why not?".

3. Homeless Baby

This should teach him what would happen to him if he doesn't go to college.

4. Hooters Costume for Baby

Don't even try to put her through college, you just ruined her life there.

5. Harley Gang Member Costume for Baby

That seems like a cool costume if you are huge Harley Davidson fan but you don't want your kid to be a member of motorcyle gang. Am I right?

6. Lobster Costume for Baby

Kid is just confused like a lobster in a pot. 

7. Watermelon Costume for Baby

Kid isn't happy about this how do you feel?

8. Pumpkin Costume for Baby

Kid is crying for help, so you should be.

9. Suicide Bomber Costume for Baby

Really man, really? Have you been reading the news? You don't want your whole family get arrested, do you?

10. Condom Costume for Baby

This is just inappropriate.